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Cost of Installing a Whole House Humidifier

Whole House Humidifier Installation Cost

The average cost of installing a whole house humidifier is about $420, although it can range from $385 to about $455. Use the information below to get a better understanding of approximately how much your project should cost.

1. Where you live may impact the cost of installation. Your geographic location will have an effect on the cost of labor and materials. As a general rule, prices tend to be higher in large metropolitan areas. Using our Humidifier Cost Report, you can find estimated prices for installation in your area.

2. Flow-through humidifiers tend to be the most popular choice. A flow-through humidifier is attached to directly to your forced air system. These units are typically very affordable and relatively easy to install. In most cases, very little maintenance is required outside of replacing the evaporator pad about once a year.

3. Steam humidifiers tend to be more expensive. Steam humidifiers are going to be a little more expensive to install and maintain. However, a steam humidifier does not require any ductwork so this may be a good option if you do not already have a forced air system. Steam humidifiers may use more electricity than you expect so make sure to ask your contractor about estimated operating costs.

4. The size of your home may impact the cost. In order to feel a difference in air quality, you will need to install a properly sized unit for the square footage of your home. Larger homes will require higher capacity units to humidity every cubic foot of air. Your contractor will help you select the appropriate unit.

5. Humidifiers are not just for homes. Commercial-grade humidifiers are also available for restaurants, schools, hospitals, office buildings, and retail stores. However, they tend to cost more than residential units. The humidifier will be sized according to the cubic footage of space that requires humidification.

6. You can also install a central air purification system. Your HVAC contractor can also install a whole house air purifier when installing your humidifier. An air purifier (or air cleaner) helps to remove dust, allergens, and bacteria from indoor air.

7. Make sure your humidifier has a humidistat. The humidistat will be used to control the level of humidity in your home, much like a thermostat is used to control the temperature. This can help prevent too much humidity from accumulating in your home.

8. You should always compare multiple quotes. Before hiring a contractor, it’s always advisable to request at least 2-3 quotes. This helps to ensure you are getting a fair price for the work.

9. Cost should not be the only factor in your decision-making process. Although it may be tempting to accept a low offer, make sure to do a little research before accepting it. Check references, read online reviews, verify insurance, and ensure the contractor is licensed. You want to make sure you are working with a reputable company.

10. If installing a whole house humidifier is out of your price range, other options are available. You can purchase a portable humidifier to add moisture to a single room of your home. This does not require any ductwork or professional installation.

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