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What does a furnace humidifier do?

During the summer months, the humid conditions outside help to maintain some level of moisture inside the home. During the winter, the interior air can become increasingly dry due to low levels of moisture outdoors.

As a result, it may be necessary to install a whole house humidifier to help maintain a comfortable moisture level in your home. Once heating season arrives, you won't have to worry about the potentially negative consequences of dry air on your home and family. A furnace-mounted humidifier can easily incorporated into your existing forced air system.

What’s wrong with low humidity?

Low humidity can cause dry skin and it can make the inside of your home feel colder. This may lead to higher energy costs if you are constantly turning up the thermostat to overcompensate for the dry air.

Also, there are some viruses thrive low humidity environments. Additionally, people who suffer from asthma and allergies may have a particularly difficult time dealing with excessively dry air.

How does it work?

A humidifier uses water to introduce additional moisture into the drier air. First, the furnace heats the air. The hot, dry air then passes through the humidifier’s evaporator pad. The evaporator pad is soaked with liquid water. Once this water is converted into water vapor, the hot air is able to absorb this additional moisture. The humidifier then uses the furnace’s duct system to distribute the air to the rest of the home.

Types of Humidifiers

A furnace-mounted (or whole house) humidifier is controlled by a humidistat. By adjusting the humidistat, the operator can adjust the moisture level in the home to the desired setting (much like a thermostat controls the temperature inside the home).

The most common types of furnace humidifiers:

1) A flow-through humidifier allows water to flow directly through the unit and then it is drained out. These units tend to waste more water than other types of humidifiers.

2) With a reservoir humidifier, there is a reserve of water that uses a rotating drum to introduce water into the unit when there is a demand for it. However, with these systems, bacteria may be able to grow in the standing water.

Note: On the contrary, you should not allow your house to become too humid either. High humidity will cause your windows to fog up and it may trigger the growth and spread of mold and bacteria.

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